Rainwater Harvesting for Domestic Use

The Benefits of Domestic Rainwater Collection

Rainwater Harvesting Diagram

With the world’s climate constantly changing there has never been a better time to think about long-term sustainability of our water supplies. The UK has been relatively lucky so far: we have had plentiful water at a fairly static price, but this is changing. In August 2008, the majority of the UK’s water companies applied for price increases that could lead to a 40% rise in water bills within 5 years! We need to use water more efficiently.

But however eco-friendly we are, we are all very cost conscious and we need to know how much it will cost us and, ultimately save us.

Costs vary depending on each individual need and whether the collected rainwater is to be used inside the house as well for supplying toilets and washing machines or just for outdoor use for example garden irrigation and cleaning vehicles etc.

If rainwater use is in the house, separate supply pipes to relevant appliances are required making installation more cost efficient in the context of a new build or a renovation project. And a hole needs to be made if the tank is to be underground. However these costs are relatively low in comparison to the overall cost of a renovation or building project.

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