Packaged Pump Station Installation Case Study

March 2014

excavation of failed package pump station

Over the last few years our pump service division have been servicing one of our key customer’s package pump stations in Wiltshire.

Over recent visits, our engineers had noticed and reported that the fibre glass pumping chamber was starting to fail and becoming distorted, blistering and leaking in places.

With the station only being approximately 7 years old, we obtained approval from the NHBC to remove and replace the failing pump station prior to complete collapse.

Utilising our skilled pump engineers, we isolated all the equipment, removed the pumps, controls and floats from the chamber, bunged both inlet and outlet and installed an over pump to enable removal of the chamber.

Our civil contract partner then began excavation of the site, breaking out the concrete surround, de-watering the excavation during the works and within two days removed the blistered tank from site.

Contending with a large amount of ground water, our engineers then started work on the installation of the new BBA approved packaged pump station.  The engineers connected both in and outlet pipes, adding ducting for the power and floats, shuttering the entire chamber in concrete and backfilling the excavation with a mix of concrete and earth.

lowering pumps into a package pumping station

Once installed and cured, both pumps, floats and controls were re-installed into the chamber, power was re-instated and the over pump removed from site.

The surrounding area was top soiled and re-seeded, a new enclosure was erected around the double access covers and controls and the site was left in full auto mode.

A great removal and re-installation project completed by The Somerset Pumps Services team, and all within the agreed timescale and budget.

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